• Michael Drossner

When Is a Good Time to Downsize

Millions of homeowners live in a large, often multi-story home they simply don't need any longer.

They don't enjoy cleaning it. They can't manage the huge yard.

But they own it free and clear (or nearly so), and it can be uncomfortable and possibly unprofitable to move. If you or someone you know is considering downsizing, here are some thought-provoking questions to consider.

-Do you have enough equity in your home that you can buy a single level home with much lower payments...or even free and clear? Are there any desirable homes you'd consider moving to? If you don't know, then hop online and do a search, or call me for help.

-Would it be more profitable to move now or wait? By re-investing now, you may take advantage of lower interest rates and a longer ownership window for building more equity. But my waiting, your home's value may increase even more. Analyze carefully!

If you, or someone you know lives in a home that's too large now, please call me to discuss the pros and cons--and costs-- of moving.

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