Sell Your Home

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Whether you’re selling your first home, or you’re an

experienced seller, my goal is to make the process as

simple and effective for you as possible.


There is a process…

STEP #1 is for us to sit down together and discuss your alternatives.  We’ll set an appointment to have an informal, relaxed, person-to-person discussion about the price and time frame you wish to meet.

Then we’ll go to STEP #2, which is evaluating the right marketing plan for reaching your goals.  In today’s Real Estate market it’s a tremendous advantage to create a complete, individually tailored comprehensive marketing game plan for every home.  This plan should include establishing the right price, terms, marketing strategy, and time-line for results.

In STEP #3, we’ll actually get started with the marketing of your home.  There are many things I do to find buyers, including creating special feature flyers for your home, holding open houses, developing advertising, exposing it to other salespeople, and more.

The more exposure your home receives, the faster it will sell, and sell for the most amount of money  possible! I’ll also touch base with you every week and go over my marketing plan to guarantee we are on the right track. 

In STEP #4, once we’ve found the perfect buyer, I’ll negotiate the offer to get you the highest price.

When we have reached a fair purchase agreement, we can go to STEP #5 and actually transfer ownership of the home to the buyer, and get your money in your pocket.

There are many details involved in getting the sale closed, and it requires a great deal of communication with a lot of people.  My role during this step is to see that all these details are handled quickly and professionally on your behalf.

Yes, selling a home is a big undertaking, but it doesn't have to be a hassle, especially when we work together through the process.

If you’re serious about selling your home, at the highest possible price, maybe I can make a suggestion that will save you a lot of aggravation.  Let’s find a time when we can sit down together and openly discuss your alternatives.  I’ll give you the price range it should sell for, and an honest opinion of how long it will take.